Missing an Aural Exhibition on Incarceration and Reentry

We miss things everyday. Whether a sense of longing or a failure of looking, missing implies an absence.

Sometimes, we miss what is distant, detached, and utterly removed from us. People we’ve loved, places we’ve lived, and possibilities long since passed can all become objects of affection and yearning. Other times, we miss that which is right in front of us. “How did I miss that?,” goes a common saying, suggesting an obvious oversight. Things readily apparent become nearly invisible and hard to recognize.

In this exhibition, interviews with individuals from the Fortune Society – a nonprofit dedicated to supporting successful reentry from prison – about the things they missed while incarcerated and their subsequent return to New York City serve as the centerpiece to a set of carefully arranged objects featured in these stories.

Through this collection of stories and things, Missing asks us to consider what can be seen, what can be heard, and what we might still be overlooking.